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Do you want to buy contact lenses from Japan? In Japan, many online shops make it easy to order contacts from a wide variety of popular brands without ever leaving your house or submitting an official doctor's prescription.
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Japan Rabbit is a buying service for Japanese Products. We can buy and ship virtually anything from Japan to nearly anywhere in the world.
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Contact lenses are usually cheaper on Japanese websites than in physical shops. Most of the time, you must send a copy of your medical prescription by email to be able to obtain them. It can be difficult if you do not speak Japanese. But thankfully, you can use Japan Rabbit services to order your contact lenses in Japan without any problem. We will contact the Japanese reseller for you, and ship your lenses to your home as soon as we receive them at our offices.

Where to buy Japanese contact lenses?

You can choose from a wide selection of brands and types of lenses on these Japanese sites:

What are Japanese circle lenses?

Color contact lenses, or circle lenses, are a fashion trend among young Japanese women. They use these items as fashion accessories. Known as "Korakon" in Japan, circle lenses can be simple with only one color or more complex with patterns. In just a few seconds, you can have green, hazel, or pink eyes. This trend allows the Japanese to stand out from the rest of the population. Indeed, most Japanese have brown eyes. In addition, some Japanese women use contact lenses to make their eyes look bigger and imitate dolls or anime characters.

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