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Japan produces some of the highest quality electronics in the world. With their fine attention to detail and immaculate craftsmanship, this is not a surprise.
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Japan is the world's largest market for electronic products. Many Japanese companies have been innovating in this sector for more than half a century. We can mention Sony that revolutionized the music market with inventions like the transistor radio or Walkman. Toshiba, for its part, was the first company able to mass-produce laptops. JVC created the VHS recorder, while Sharp is the originator of solar panels and LCD screens.

In which Japanese online stores buy electronic products?

Japanese are not only producing electronics, but they are also very big consumers of novelties that can help them improve their daily lives. It is also for this reason that many Japanese companies have started to innovate in this sector, but it is also thanks to this that several specialized distributors have become references in their niches.

Today, entire districts of large Japanese cities are dedicated to this trade type. This is particularly the case with Akihabara, in Tokyo, and Denden Town, in Osaka. These areas include hundreds of shops selling new and used electronics.

Since the popularization of the Internet and online payments, more and more of these shops have their own e-commerce websites. Unfortunately, many of these sites do not allow ordering from abroad. But that's not a problem if you use our proxy-buying service: Japan Rabbit. We are able to buy and send you any product sold in Japan to your home.

Here is a list of the main Japanese stores that sell electronic products online:

What are the main Japanese electronics companies?

Here is a non-exhaustive list of Japanese companies that have revolutionized the electronics sector. Each of them has their own story and brought a lot of innovations.

  • Canon: A company known worldwide for its cameras. It also produces printers, scanners, and many other products related to imaging.
  • Casio: Corporation based in Shibuya. Casio is famous for its digital watches, especially with the models in its G-Shock series. It also produces synthesizers and calculators.
  • Fujitsu: This company, headquartered in Kawasaki, South of Tokyo, is the oldest IT company behind IBM and Hewlett Packard.
  • Hitachi: Entreprise based in Ibaraki, North of Tokyo. It manufactures consumer electronics but also makes products for the defense and the public sector in Japan.
  • JVC: The former Japanese subsidiary of Victor Talking Machine Company has become a leading company in the production of audiovisual products. In particular, it developed VHS.
  • Mitsubishi: One of the oldest companies in Japan. This conglomerate produces electronics but has also invested in many other markets such as the automotive, banking and mining sectors.
  • NEC: Company long specialized in micro informatics. In 1980, it created the first digital signal processor.
  • Nikon: A Tokyo company founded in 1917. It is a leader in the fields of photography and optics.
  • Nintendo: A corporation from Kyoto that has become one of the most influential companies in the video games industry.
  • Olympus: A Japanese company specializing in optics and based in Shinjuku.
  • Pioneer: Pioneer is a Japanese corporation that has become known for its CD and DVD players. The company from Tokyo also sells DJ audio equipment.
  • Sharp: This company based in Sakai, South Osaka, is known to have created the first mobile phone with a camera. It also produces televisions and audiovisual equipment.
  • Sony: This company is known to have popularized CDs and portable audio players with its brand Walkman. She is now one of the main players in the video game market with its PlayStation brand.
  • Toshiba: Tokyo-based company made popular with its laptops and televisions.
  • Yamaha: Conglomerate based in Hamamatsu. This group is known for its musical instruments and audio equipment.

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