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For beautiful, high-quality jewelry, Japan is sure to have something that catches your eye. Whether it be pearls, diamonds, gemstones, or themed jewelry, you'll find what you are looking for on the website of a Japanese jeweler.
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What are the Japanese jewelry brands?

These brands are known for their exquisite fine jewelry:

  • Mikimoto is an iconic brand known for their beautiful pearls - each of which is selected through a very strict process. In fact, Mikimoto has the largest share of pearl sales in the entire world. Wako which has its flagship department store in Ginza, first opened as a jewelry store during the Meiji era (1869-1912). Everything aspect of the jewelry-making process is conducted in-house, from selecting stones to making the jewelry to selling to customers. Wako will even make custom order made jewelry for special occasions.
  • Niwaka is based in Kyoto, and every piece of jewelry is given a kanji name that harkens to the beautiful scenery and nature of the region. The "Kyokomachi" earrings, for instance, are named after the sparkling beauty of Kyoto's stone-paved streets after rainfall.
  • Uyeda began in 1884 with the goal to create jewelry that will be desirable and in style for 100 years. The union of Japanese minimalist aesthetics with Western jewelry-making techniques results in stunning unique designs. Sophia Loren was an avid fan, along with Babe Ruth and General MacArthur's wife Jean Marie.
  • Tasaki is famous for their unique jewelry designs, and the main designer Thakoon Panichgul has many fans (including former first lady Michelle Obama). For example, you'll find jewelry patterned after water fountains, broken stars, and unusual plants - just to name a few.
  • Mokumeganeya uses a special technique that Japanese craftsmen have used for over 400 years called "Mokumegane". Its technique involves stacking multiple different colors of gold and shaving it down to create a beautiful wood effect with hints of traditional Japanese design.

Japanese jewelry stores

Here are some other shops to also check out if you're looking for more affordable Japanese jewelry:

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