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Japanese makeup is all about a healthy and flawless appearance that you can achieve through drugstore and high-end products alike. But, buying Japanese makeup overseas can be difficult and expensive, which is why you’ll want to use a proxy service!
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How to buy from Japan

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Why buy makeup from Japan?

Japan has been known as one of the major beauty capitals of the world for centuries. Ever since the first Geisha stepped out with painted, red, lips and perfectly arched eyebrows, the world has been obsessed with Japanese makeup and style. If you’re on top of the latest trends, then you know that makeup from Japan is much more than the stereotypical white face powder and doll-like lashes. Japanese makeup is known for having better ingredients and overall quality than makeup in the United States. This is even true for their drugstore brands, which, in the United States, typically have the lowest quality ingredients to make them more accessible and affordable. This is one of the things that makes makeup from Japan so unique. Japan’s product standards are much higher than their American and European competitors, yet they don’t always charge for this increase in quality. Another reason you’ll want to consider buying Japanese makeup, apart from the affordable price point, is their commitment to perfection. Japan’s beauty ideals center around natural flawlessness, and this standard goes for their products as well. Trust us when we say you’ll be hard-pressed to find any other brands that pay attention to the meticulous details quite as Japanese brands do.

Use a proxy buying service to buy Japanese cosmetics

If you’ve ever tried to purchase authentic Japanese cosmetics online, then you know how difficult it can be. Not only are you dealing with a foreign checkout process, non-English speaking sellers, and high shipping costs, but you’re also running the risk of receiving broken or damaged goods. Makeup can be delicate, especially when you’re purchasing the quality face powders and eyeshadow that Japan is known for. To avoid the hassle and the international fees of buying Japanese makeup, partner with a proxy buying service like us, Japan Rabbit! Japan Rabbit makes it easy for you to get your hands on exclusive Japanese makeup and still take advantage of the affordable price points. All you have to do is tell us what you want to buy and we’ll take care of the rest. Plus, we’re one of the few proxy buy services that allow you to have your item repackaged before it arrives at its final destination to ensure safe and successful delivery.

Our selection of Japanese cosmetics online stores

@Cosme Shopping

@Cosme Shopping is a popular beauty portal site that sells a wide variety of cosmetic and beauty brands. Originating as a beauty blog, @Cosme is still considered one of the largest consumer-to-consumer information sources in Japan. In fact, it’s estimated that three-quarters of the women in Japan, in their 20s or 30s, use this site.


DHC is a Japanese cosmetic brand that sells a wide range of products from makeup to supplements. What’s unique about the DHC website is that all of their items focus on combining natural and high-quality ingredients to not only heal the skin but to improve it over time. If you’re looking for makeup that won’t harm your skin or clog pores, we recommend checking out the DHC store!


Ci-Labo is another Japanese online store that offers exclusive beauty and cosmetic products to heal and transform your skin. Ci-Labo focuses on hydration-driven beauty with no unnecessary ingredients to achieve perfection. You’ll find everything here from BB creams to body lotion.

Matsumoto Kiyoshi

Matsumoto Kiyoshi is a drugstore chain that’s found in Japan and is known for its large selection of quality and affordable makeup and beauty products. If you’re looking to stay on top of the trends and not spend an arm and a leg doing it, you have to check out the Matsumoto Kiyoshi site.


Kenko is a Japanese shopping site operated by Rakuten, the largest e-commerce site in Japan. Kenko has a huge selection of cosmetics and beauty products that are constantly being updated and added to so make sure to check back frequently, so you don’t miss out on exclusive goods!

Best Japanese cosmetic brands


Shiseido is a popular Japanese cosmetic company that is considered one of the largest in the world. Often seen as a high-end brand, you can primarily find Shiseido products at cosmetic counters and department stores around Japan.

Majolica Majorca

Majolica Majorca is another popular Japanese makeup brand that focuses on bringing their consumers adorably styled makeup to achieve an overall cute appearance. If you love the lolita look and appreciate a Disney collaboration, you have to visit the Majolica Majorca site!


MAQuillAGe is a unique Japanese cosmetic brand that’s less focused on helping you look cute and instead strives to create products that help bring out your inner lady. You’ll find more mature and bold colors here, including deep red lipsticks and warm brown eyeshadows.


SUQQU is a makeup brand from Japan that specializes in skin and lips. If you’re looking for cosmetics that feature season-specific tones, SUQQU is the place to start.


If you’ve been on Instagram in the last year and are a fan of cosmetics and beauty, you’ve probably heard of SK-II. SK-II is a popular brand that focuses on improving and healing your skin through facemasks, treatments, serums, and lotions.


Canmake is a cute cosmetic brand that makes fun and sparkly makeup for all ages. You’ll find a variety of products on their website which includes highlighters, foundation, nail polish, and more.

Coffret d'Or

Coffret d’Or is a Japanese makeup brand that’s for the playful adult. Featuring brightly colored pigments and eye-catching glitter, Coffret d’Or is the place to shop if you’re looking to create bold looks.

Kate Tokyo

Kate Tokyo is the go-to Japanese cosmetic brand known for its precision liquid eyeliner and sultry eyeshadow pallets. If you like the look of dark lashes and lids, Kate Tokyo has a number of products to help you achieve that.

Rice Force

Rice Force is a Japanese brand that creates skin care products with rice powder extract to achieve an even complexion. Rice Force is best known for lotions with powerful anti-aging properties.

La Sana

If you’re looking for a Japanese cosmetic brand that focuses on hair care, La Sana is the brand for you. Featuring products for damaged, aging, and fading hair, La Sana also carries their own skincare line as well as scents and bath salts.


Are you on the hunt for Japanese skincare that contains natural and healing ingredients you can’t find in the United States or Europe? If so, is the place to look. The best part is, they have an active social media account and frequently feature pictures from satisfied customers.

Must-buy Japanese makeup products and accessories

Makeup brushes

If you’re not sure where to start when buying Japanese makeup, you can always start with their impressive accessories. One of the best Japanese makeup accessories you can buy is a makeup brush. Japanese makeup brushes are known for their superior handcrafted quality, which means that they can usually be used for painting and calligraphy as well as makeup.


Hakuhodo is a brand that creates authentic Japanese makeup brushes of the highest possible quality. Featuring handcrafted designs, the Hakuhodo brushes won’t shed or leave excessive fallout with heavy pigments.

Miyao Kumano

Miyao Kumano is an online store that has one of the largest selections of makeup brushes in Japan. You’ll find every style of tool that you can imagine here from comb and screw brushes to dainty and angled lip smudgers.

Base / Foundation makeup

Another product you’ll want to keep in mind when shopping for Japanese makeup is foundation. What makes Japanese foundations so unique is the fact that many of their products actually heal the skin as well as enhance it. This BB-cream-style approach to their products is very unlike that of the United States and Europe whose primary goal of the foundation is to cover and transform the appearance of the skin regardless of how harming or clogging the ingredients may be. If you’ve been searching for a base makeup that will do more good than harm, check out Japanese foundation.

Eye makeup, Japanese mascara

Anyone who uses mascara on a daily basis knows how hard it is to get a clump-free and truly lifted finish. That’s where Japanese mascara comes in to save the day. Due to Japan’s superior focus on perfection, you’ll never see spidery or chunky lashes with these brands. The best part is because many Japanese women have straight eyelashes, almost all mascara brands focus on giving a natural lift as well as an even coat.

Makeup remover

A must-have makeup item from Japan is makeup remover. Makeup removers in Japan are not only much more effective at removing makeup than the United States and European brands, but they’re also much healthier for your skin. If you’re tired of makeup removers leaving a greasy residue that clogs your pores, try a Japanese brand for a much cleaner experience!

Where to get the latest Japan makeup trends

If you’re looking for a way to stay on top of the Japanese makeup and beauty trends we recommend following popular blogs, magazines, and websites that are either dedicated to Japanese beauty or are leaders in the industry. For starters, keep an eye on and Glamour Magazine.

Where to find Japanese makeup tutorials and tips

To find Japanese makeup tutorials and tips, we suggest following a variety of users on YouTube like Kawaii Pateen and Venus Angelic. Luckily, you’ll have no trouble finding a vast selection because there are hundreds available online from Japanese users and fans all across the globe.

Igari style

One of the most popular styles of makeup in Japan is called the Igari style. This style of makeup focuses heavily on a flushed glow across the nose and cheeks and a neutral eye. If you’re trying to achieve this vulnerable and sweet look, check out Sissel’s tutorial on YouTube, and if you have a darker skin tone, visit Chin the Kid’s step-by-step walkthrough.

Korean vs. Japanese makeup

If you’re also a fan of Korean makeup, you may be wondering what makes it different than Japanese makeup. While both styles of makeup focus on an even complexion and flawless finish, Japanese makeup tends to be simpler than Korean makeup. Much of Korean makeup involves multiple steps and multiple products, whereas Japanese brands like to consolidate and simplify wherever they can.

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