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Japan is the mecca of hair-styling products, not just for women but for men as well. No matter what style you're into, there's a myriad of different Japanese hair products for you to try.
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Japanese shampoo

For shampoo and conditioner, the most popular brands are Adenogen, Rigaos, and Pro Tec, which have different product lines for promoting hair growth, restoring hair quality, and even offering "scalp-care" for various skin types such as oily and dry. Hair growth products are also widely used to re-grow hair and prevent further hair loss. DHC, KAO, Rigaos, and Adenogen make some of the most trusted growth solutions.

Japanese styling wax

When it comes to styling wax and pomade, the top players are Gatsby, UNO, Yanagiya (established back in 1615!), Nakano, and Cool Grease. Each of these brands has somewhat of a cult following and offers a variety of different styling textures depending on your taste.

How to buy hair products in Japan?

Most websites are in Japanese, which can be a barrier for many. But luckily, Japan Rabbit can buy these products for you, then send them to your address.

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