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Japan is a paradise for anyone who loves snacks. Whether you like sweet or salty, sour or spicy, there's bound to be something you'll love.
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Here are some of the most popular brands to check out. Lotte is famous for their Ghana and Crunky chocolate bars and Choco Pie, but they also made delicious biscuit cookies, candies, and chewing gum.

Morinaga is known for their Hi-Chew candies and caramels, as well as their Ottoto crackers and Marie biscuit cookies. They also make an excellent hot chocolate mix, pancake mix, and ice cream.

Babystar is most famous for their strangely addicting dry ramen-noodle snacks (it's hard to explain - you just have to try it). They also make buta-men (a pork-flavored cup noodle), and French-style rusk.

Calbee is all about the savory snacks - potato chips that come in a myriad of different flavors, Pringle-like "crisps", french fry-style crunchy sticks, and much more. They are most famous for kappa ebisen, a crunchy shrimp-flavored snack that you'll either love or hate, depending on your feelings about seafood. Recently Calbee has also started making granola, offering delicious variations like tropical coconut, kinako, mango, maple, and chocolate.

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