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Japan is known for making the best stationary material in the world. Whether it's stamps, pencils, notebooks, erasers, tape, or folders, once you experience the high quality of Japanese products you'll find it hard to go back. ​
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Japan Rabbit is a buying service for Japanese Products. We can buy and ship virtually anything from Japan to nearly anywhere in the world.
How to buy from Japan

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There are hundreds of Japanese websites that offer stationery supplies. At Japan Rabbit, we are used to buying products that are not available for export on Japanese websites. Our customers contact us to order the stationery they want from Japanese resellers and we ship them directly to their homes, even if they are abroad.

Where to buy stationery in Japan?

After spending more than ten years buying Japanese products for customers living abroad, we are able to give you the list of the best Japanese websites to buy stationery supplies:

  • Aimez: You will find there colorful adhesive tapes, notebooks, cards, and stickers representing animals.
  • Bundoki: Reseller offering a wide selection of ballpoint pens in all colors and shapes.
  • Freiheit: Do you prefer Christmas candy-shaped pens or umbrella-shaped pens? You can buy both on Freiheit with Japan Rabbit.
  • Yuruliku: This store offers a wide selection of fountain pens produced by Japanese manufacturers.
  • Lohaco: This website is one of the most popular for buying Japanese stationary supplies. You will find stamps, envelopes, ribbons, and calculators.
  • Pen House: You can buy the best Japanese fountain pens and inks. A perfect site for writing lovers.
  • Tagami Bunten: Did you know that a kit or even a puncher could be kawaii (cute)? Take a look at Tagami Bunten's catalog to find out.
  • Tsu Ku Shi: A collection of minimalist stationary supplies. Bring Zen to your desk.
  • Yamada Stationary: Many Japanese products that will give a traditional feel to your office.
  • Yuruliku: When the design crosses the stationery it gives Yuruliku

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