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How to buy on Disney Store Japan

Disney cartoons are very popular in Japan. This is why the American studios are well established in the Japanese archipelago. From Disneyland and Disney Sea theme parks to the Disney Store chain, many goodies of Mickey and his friends are sold exclusively in Japan.

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How to buy from Japan

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Disney Store Japan international shipping

Disney Store Japan sells many exclusive products to the Japanese market. Unfortunately, this website does not deliver abroad. This means that you will need to use a proxy shopping service, such as Japan Rabbit to get Japanese Disney goodies from this online shop.

How to buy on Disney Store Japan?

Step 1: Go to the Japanese Disney website

The Disney Store Japan website is accessible from this address: https://store.disney.co.jp/. You can also visit the English version of the site here: https://store.disney.co.jp/en/. No matter which version you use, the navigation on the site will be very similar. Please note that only menus are translated into English, product descriptions will remain in Japanese.

Step 2: Look for Disney items

You can browse Disney Store Japan using two main methods:

  • The search bar: It is located to the right of the Disney logo in the header of the page.
  • The main menu: The main menu is on the purple bar under the Disney Store logo.

Search bar

You can directly search for products by typing keywords in this field. After pressing the button in the search bar, you will come to a list of products that match the keywords you have chosen to search for.

Main Menu

The main menu is divided into several parts:

  • The homepage. It allows you to go to the main page of the website in only one click.
  • The product categories list.
  • The list of characters. Very handy if you are looking for goodies from a particular character or series.
  • The new products.
  • Promotional campaigns of the moment.
  • The discounted products list.

Whatever your choice, you will arrive at a page containing all the products related to the category you have selected. The left sidebar of the products list allows you to refine your search by choosing categories of products or Disney characters. You can also define the price range of the products you are looking for.

Step 3: Let Japan Rabbit go by

Once you have identified all the Japanese Disney products you want to buy, you can visit the Japan Rabbit app. Here you can share the links of the products you want to buy by copying their URLs in the "Product Link" field. You will have to repeat this task as many times as there are products to buy. Once you have added all the items, you will instantly receive an estimate including the price of your purchases and the operating costs of Japan Rabbit. If this price is right for you, you can check it out. A member of our team will buy the products you have selected for you. You will be notified once we will receive your package from Disney Store Japan. It is from this moment that you will be able to choose your method of international delivery. Once it's done, you'll just have to wait for your parcel to cross the ocean and land in your mailbox.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to browse on Disney Japan online store in English?

There is an English version of the Disney Japan Store. You only have to click on this link to access it. The site is only available in Japanese and English. If you want to browse Disney Store Japan in another language, you will need to use a third-party service, such as a browser translation app. We recommend the Google Translate extension for Chrome.

What to buy on Disney Store Japan?

The Japanese Disney Store site contains many exclusive products. This is particularly the case of UniBEARsity soft toys which are taken from a series created in Japan and featuring teddy bears inspired by Disney characters.

How to buy from Japan

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