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How to buy from GU Japan

GU is a popular discount clothing retailer located in Japan. They offer the basics as well as modern and trendy clothes that are in season at cheap and affordable prices. GU’s signature product is a pair of jeans that only cost 990 yen. Sleek and chic, GU’s pieces are a must add to anyone’s closets but unfortunately, their Japanese branch doesn’t deliver outside of Japan. That’s why we created Japan Rabbit, a user-friendly proxy-buying service.

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How to buy from Japan

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How to buy from Japan

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How to buy from Japan

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How to buy from Japan

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Why buy on GU Japan online store?

Not only are Gu’s clothes affordable and fashionable, but their catalog also includes pieces of traditional Japanese clothing that can only be found in Japan, such as Yukata and Kimono. These traditional pieces of clothing are usually expensive, but Gu offers an authentic yet affordable option with sizes that run close to the larger western sizes. For those who love modern Japanese style rather than traditional Japanese clothing, GU’s collection also includes the beloved basics, but sometimes with a quirky twist that represents the unique style of Tokyo fashion. From patterns to embellishments, these pieces will definitely bring you many compliments. GU also has collections that are only available within Japan including collaborations with other Japanese fashion brands as well as popular anime series such as Sailor Moon and Neon Genesis Evangelion. Gu’s anime collaborations are highly sought after by many fans, even ones from around the world.

Why do you need to use a service like Japan Rabbit to buy from GU Japan

Unfortunately, GU Japan’s online store does not ship outside of Japan or accept foreign credit cards, which can make it hard for international fans. Luckily, a proxy purchase service such as Japan Rabbit will be able to help you order. All you have to do is tell us what to buy, and we will place your order and then ship your items to your address abroad.

How to buy from GU Japan?

Step 1: Go to the Japanese website of GU

GU’s homepage can be found here. The layout of the website is simple and set up like most standard online retailers. You will find six links at the top of the page:

  • Women, for clothing and accessories aimed at a female audience.
  • Men, for clothing and accessories aimed at a male audience.
  • Kids, for clothes and accessories, made for teens, children, and babies.
  • 店舗検索, allows you to search for a physical store.
  • 会員登録, to register as a member of the site.
  • ログイン, to log in as a member.

The search bar is next to these links, as well as the favorites list and the shopping cart. Further down the page, more tabs say Women, Men, or Kids. Below those are banners depicting the collaborations and collections available at GU. If you scroll past the banners, you will see the new arrivals, recommended items, and sale items. You may click on any of those links to see which clothes are available, or if you have anything specific in mind, you can use the search bar located at the top right of the page.

Step 2: Browse the website for products you like

If you clicked on a banner depicting a collection, you will be brought to a page of pictures of the items styled on a model to see what the collection looks like. There will be a rectangle with the words "着用商品はこちら". When clicked on, a window will pop up on the page showing which items the model is wearing. You can directly click on the item to be taken to its page, or you can click the heart at the top right corner of the item’s image to save it to your list to find it later. If you clicked on the tab at the top of the page, it will drop down, showing you different categories of clothing. Select which category you would like to search in, and it will bring you to a page for that specific category. Right under the category header, on the left side of the page, there will be a line of links above the grey part of the page that has the pictures of items of clothing. These are here to help narrow down the search if needed. The default is set to "すべて" (All) but depending on what type of clothing it is, it will have other options available. Under the selections, you will see "検索結果 ##件" (Search Results ## Items). Next to that, there is a drop-down box with three options to select:

  • 新着順: New Arrival Order
  • 価格が安い順: Lowest to Highest Price
  • 価格が高い順: Highest to Lowest Price

Finally, the most exciting part, there should be many pictures of the products that are available for you to click through and browse. Click on the picture of the clothing you want to buy and you will be taken directly to its product page.

Step 3: Tell Japan Rabbit what to buy

Here’s where Japan Rabbit can help you obtain the outfit of your dreams. Copy the URL on the page of the item you want us to help you buy. To do this, highlight the link in the address bar for the product you like. Ctrl+C or right-click with your mouse and click copy. Then go to the Japan Rabbit app and paste the URL into the box that asks for “Product web page”. Once the link is submitted, it will take you to the next step, and you can tell us about the product that you want. Copy the item name on the product page and then paste it into its designated box on Japan Rabbit’s website. The product name for GU’s clothing is on the item’s page in bold black letters directly to the right of the product image. On the item page under "カラー" (color), there are circles with colors the clothing item is available in and, you can click on them to select which one you want. After selecting your desired color, the name of the color will show up next to カラー and you can copy this into the box on Japan Rabbit. Please let us know what size you want as well! Then tell us how many you want and the item price in Japanese Yen. After all these fields are filled out, simply click on the green button that says “Add item to cart” and it will be added to your order on Japan Rabbit. Repeat these steps as many times as you want for as many items as you want and then check out!

Step 4: Consolidate, repack, and ship your packages

You will be notified when Japan Rabbit has received your package. If you ordered anything else from us, we can consolidate several packages into one package. If you would like us to repack your package just let us know, or if we deem that the packaging is not up to standards for international shipping, we will let you know. Once you have decided, you will be able to choose from a list of our wide selection of international shipping methods.


Where can I find the Japanese size chart?

Sizing between different countries is confusing, so Japan Rabbit has a page available to help with Japanese clothing sizes.

Where are Gu stores in Japan?

If you’re curious about all the locations in Japan, here is their store locator.

Is Gu-Japan’s website available in English?

Gu’s website is currently only available in Japanese. However, for Google Chrome users, you can change that by using its Google Translate extension. It will automatically translate the website into the language you are most familiar with. It is not an official translation so some translations may be wrong and it is possible to encounter unexpected errors on the website by using the extension.

How to buy from Japan

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