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Mandarake is a famous chain store selling second-hand products derived from Japanese popular culture. Besides their stores in Tokyo, Osaka, and Fukuoka, this chain sells some of its items on their online store.

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Why should you buy on Mandarake online shop?

Mandarake is a Tokyo-based shops chain reselling used products. These stores are best known for having many vintage items related to otaku culture. There, you can find many rare manga, toys, dojinshi, and video games. The Mandarake website has the particularity to offer a portion of the items showcased in the Mandarake stores located in Tokyo, Osaka, and Fukuoka. If you are a collector of Japanese pop artifacts, you will not need to travel to Japan to find rare items that will complement your collections.

Does Mandarake ship internationally?

Mandarake can deliver some of its products abroad. Indeed, the website of this famous chain of stores offers two online shops targeting otakus of all kinds. One is reserved for Japan, while the other offers products available for export. The site for foreigners is available in English, Spanish, Italian, Russian and Chinese. Obviously, some products available in the Japanese store are not displayed on the international site. That's why we always recommend browsing the site in Japanese, then checking if the product you want to import is also available on the international version of the website. If this is not the case, we invite you to use our proxy shopping service, Japan Rabbit. We can buy the products you want on your behalf and then send them to your place.

What is the shipping cost?

The international version of Mandarake offers only three shipping methods: EMS, SAL, and DHL. You'll find a detailed list of shipping fees by weight and region here: How much does it cost to send Mandarake? For Japan Rabbit, we offer more shipping options than Mandarake: Express Mail Service (EMS), FedEx, International Epacket, SAL, Airmail, and Seamail. We always have a way to send your package to your home, at a price that suits your budget.

How to order from Mandarake online store?

In this example, we will show you how to order on the Japanese version of Mandarake using Japan Rabbit.

Step 1: Go to the Mandarake website

First, go to this URL: This is the Japanese homepage of Mandarake. The design is rough compared to "modern" e-commerce sites. But we will guide you so that you find the items you are looking for.

Step 2: Search for items

You can use three methods to find products on this site: the search bar, the main menu, and the site update pages.


The search bar

If you already know what you want to buy, you can directly use the keywords in the search bar just on the right of the website logo. This will bring you to a search page where all the products matching your keywords will be displayed. On the left sidebar, you can refine your search by selecting:

  • カテゴリを絞る: To choose a product category.
  • 出品店舗: To choose only the products stored in a specific shop.
  • 売り切れ: Allows you to choose whether you only want to see available products or also those that have already been sold.
  • 値段で絞る : To choose the price range of the product.
  • 時間で絞る : To choose items that have recently been added or not.
  • アダルト商品 : To hide or not adult-only products.
  • 在庫状態 : To change the order in which products are displayed.
  • 商品区分 : To see only new, used or both products.

On this updates page, each product is displayed with several pieces of information:

  • A price excluding tax.
  • Two buttons: "カート" to add the product directly to your cart, this button is not useful if you use a proxy buyer. "あとで見る" to put the product on your wish list, this button literally means "See later".
  • The name of the shop in which the item is located. This is often the name of the neighborhood or shopping center where the store is, followed by the kanji "店".

All you need to do is click on the thumbnail or the name of the item to reach the product page.

The main menu

The main menu of the site is just below the search bar. The categories listed in this menu are based on media. Thus you will find the following categories: Books, Magazines, Toys, Doujin, Discs, Idols, Trading Cards...

Site updates pages

Every six hours, Mandarake publishes a new page listing new products added to the site. You can see all new products at a glance by simply clicking on one of the links in the left sidebar of the homepage.

Step 3: Learn more about the product

The product page allows you to see multiple images of the item and zoom.


On the right side of the page, you can see additional information about the product:

  • 発送店舗: The shop in which the item is stored. It does not change anything for you if you want the item to be delivered to your place.
  • 商品番号: Item number. Not very interesting.
  • 販売価格: Selling price.
  • 商品情報: Product Information.
  • 商品状態: Item state.
  • 大きさ(梱包サイズ): Size.
  • カテゴリ: The categories in which the product is listed.

If this information is right for you, you can go to the next step.

Step 4: Use Japan Rabbit

Once you are sure you want a product, all you have to do is to send us this information. To do this, you must go to the Japan Rabbit app. You will need to copy the links of the products you want to buy on the Japanese version of Mandarake in the "Product Link" field of the web application. You will have to repeat this action as many times as there are products to buy. Then you will be able to validate your order. A member of our team will buy the products for you. You will get a notification when we receive your order at our premises. You will then be able to merge several packages together (if you have ordered products in several stores), then select an international shipping method among those we offer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Mandarake legit?

Mandarake is a store chain used by thousands of people every day. The staff of this company checks the condition of all products. In addition, their payment system is secure. Besides, if you need to use Japan Rabbit to buy a product on Mandarake (Japanese version), we will be able to check if your product is in good condition or not, before we send it to you, abroad.

How to translate Mandarake online store into English?

As mentioned above, there is an international version of the Mandarake website. However, many of the products listed on the Japanese version are not there. That's why we always recommend browsing the Japanese version of this website first. It is possible to translate the Japanese version into another language by using a third-party translation service, such as Google Translate. For example, you can download the Chrome extension for this service to translate Mandarake Japanese pages into the language of your choice.

How does Mandarake auction work?

There are three types of auctions on the Mandarake website.

Everyday Auction

As the name implies, this type of auction takes place every day. No registration fee is required. However, you must register beforehand to participate in these sales.

Big Web Auction

Is a type of auction that takes place every two months. You can get a catalog of all the products that will be sold during this event. This booklet is titled "Mandarake Zenbu", and it costs 5 US dollars. This price is considered an entrance fee to participate in the auction.

Live Auctions

Live Auctions are a new type of auction set up by Mandarake. It allows everyone on the site to bid on the same product at the same time, just like real life auction. To participate you must register in advance on the site. You can also take a look at other Japanese auction sites if you want to have more choices. The best known is Yahoo Auctions Japan.

What kind of products can I buy online from Mandarake?

Mandarake sells all types of used products related to pop culture. Physical shops are in fact successions of windows in which individuals leave objects they want to get rid of. This doesn't mean that the products sold by Mandarake are of poor quality. Sellers always check the condition of the products before placing them in the windows.

Anime figures and toys

Mandarake is a popular place for collectors of vintage figurines. You may as well find recent anime-derived figures like Dragon Ball or Naruto, like older toys. It is not uncommon to find vintage pieces from the 70s inspired by Godzilla or Ultraman.

Pokémon merch and trading cards

You can buy many products derived from the Pokémon series on Mandarake's website. This includes, of course, toys, but also Pokémon books, DVDs, and plushies. An entire section of Mandarake is dedicated to Pokemon Trading Cards. You can find Japanese versions of these famous playing cards. Some are worth several hundred US dollars. You can also purchase new Japanese Pokémon products from the official website: Pokémon Center Online Store.

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