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How to buy from Square Enix Store Japan

For fans of Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest, and more, the Square Enix store is the place to buy merchandise of these franchises.

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Why buy from Square Enix Store Japan?

Square Enix has created merch for almost all of their video game franchises and most of them are available in their store. This means that even the smaller franchises have merchandise available for purchase as well. There are many exclusive items released in the Square Enix Store that are available only in Japan and will never be sold by the store to the rest of the world.

International Shipping

The Japanese Square Enix store does not ship internationally. In fact, overseas shoppers are unable to make an account if they do not have a Japanese address to register with. If by any chance an overseas customer was able to create an account with a Japanese address, it would still be impossible to purchase through the Square Enix website because they block purchases from IPs overseas even for digital downloads that require no shipping at all. It might feel impossible to buy from them if you live overseas, but it doesn’t have to be! By using a proxy buying service based in Japan, like Japan Rabbit, you can buy freely from the Japanese Square Enix Store.

How to buy from Square Enix Store Japan?

With just a few steps, you’re on your way to being able to buy virtually anything from the Square Enix Store in Japan!

Step 1: Go to the Japanese Square Enix Store

The Square Enix Store website is available only in Japanese. However, with the Google Translate extension on Chrome, you will be able to translate the majority of the website.

Step 2: Search for a license you like or a product category

If you know what franchise you’re searching for, you can search for it by inputting the name in the search box on the top right of the page next to the shopping cart. The search box is marked with a magnifying glass and the words “高品を検索”. When searching, it’s best to use the original Japanese name for the franchise to ensure that you will see all items available. If you would like to search by product category instead there are seven buttons on the dark gray header that will lead to different categories. Since they do not get translated by Google Translate extension, here is what they mean in order from left to right:

  • 予約商品 - Preorder/Reservation: Items shown when clicked on this will all be available for preorder. Pre-ordering an item is the best way to guarantee that you will get it.
  • シリーズ - Series: When clicked on, a drop-down menu of Square Enix’s most popular franchises will show up with banners depicting the logo of each one. If your favorite series is there, you can click on it to go to the search results for that series. If it’s not listed in the menu, you can click on “もっと見る” to view more series.
  • ゲーム - Game: This opens up a drop-down menu with different game categories.
    • “ロールプレイング” will take you to roleplaying games
    • “アクション” to action games
    • “シミュレーション” to simulations
    • “アルティメット&レジェンダリー” to games that are considered to be Square Enix’s ultimate hits.
  • ミュージック - Music: This drop-down menu shows the different kinds of audio merchandise that are available for sale
    • “サウンドトラック” will take you to soundtracks
    • “ドラマCD” to Drama CDs
    • “アレンジ” to different music arrangements
    • “ピアノ・コレクションズ” to piano collections
    • “オーケストラ” to orchestral versions of songs
    • “ベスト” to titles that are considered to be the Best Hits
  • ブック&コミック - Books and Comics: All the books and comics available from Square Enix are categorized in the drop-down menu.
    • “公式ガイドブック” is where you can find all the official guidebooks
    • “ポストカードブック” are all the postcard books. These books are filled with beautiful images that can be torn out and sent as postcards to your friends and family.
    • “アルティマニア” translates to Artmania and many artbooks for the Square Enix franchises are listed for sale.
    • “小説” is where you can find all the novelizations of different series.
    • “コミック” will take you to all the comics available
    • “ファンブック” is where you can find many fan books available. Fanbooks are full of fun information and sometimes will have activities for you to enjoy. They differ from official guidebooks and artbooks in that they are often interactive.
  • グッズ - Goods: This drop-down menu will have goods listed in different categories. From left to right, the categories are Figures, Plushies, Stationery, Miscellaneous goods, Accessories, Straps, Keyholders, Apparel, Card Games, Mugs and Cups, and clicking on “全商品をみる” will allow you to see all the products without them being sorted.
  • ダウンロード販売 - Digital Items: This will lead you to where all digital titles that are available for download are. If you are an online gamer, this is the section for you!

Step 3: Tell us what you want to buy

The hard part is deciding what goodies you want to buy. But once you’ve decided, telling us what you want is the easy part! Simply go to the Japan Rabbit app and put the URL of the product page on Square Enix’s website into the field that asks for it. To get the URL, you can highlight the link on the page’s address bar, right-click with your mouse and select copy, or Ctrl+C on your keyboard. After it has been pasted onto the “Product web page” field, click next and you will be brought to a page with just a few more questions about the product. To locate the product name, it will be the big bold letters directly to the right of the merchandise photo. Copy the original Japanese name and paste it into the “product name” field. To find the price of the item, it will be listed under a series of information located under the product name next to the words “販売価格”, which means “Selling Price”. The price given will have tax already included. Copy the number and paste it into the field that asks for “Item Price in Japanese Yen”. Then let us know the quantity you’d like to buy. If you are buying an item that has different sizes or options, let us know by filling out the “size, color, and description”. After all the relevant fields have been filled out, just add it to your cart! If there are more things you would like to buy, just simply repeat these steps until you have added everything you want to your cart. When you are ready to complete your order, please click the checkout button and let us take care of everything else!

Step 4: Ship your package to your address!

Once your package arrives at our office, we will send you a notification. We offer free consolidation and repacking so if you have more than one item in your mailbox, consolidating everything into one package is the best way to save on shipping. After everything is ready, just request for us to ship your package. We will provide a list of all the different shipping methods and prices so you can choose which one works best for you.

Popular licenses and merchandise

Square Enix has produced many franchises over the years. If you’re looking for some inspiration on what franchises there are and what kind of merchandise to buy, we have created a list of some of the top fan favorites.

Final Fantasy

Final Fantasy is a popular science fantasy franchise. The games in this franchise are mainly role-playing games but have branched into different video game genres as well. Final Fantasy is not just limited to video games. Its popularity has led to CGI films, anime, manga, and novels as well. Square Enix has a lot of Final Fantasy merchandise for sale on their website including the games, figures, plushies, and more.

Kingdom Hearts

Kingdom Hearts is a popular action role-playing game franchise. It is based in a fictional universe and crosses over with many different beloved Disney characters. The Square Enix store has many new items for sale including plushies, figures, and accessories!

Dragon Quest

Dragon Quest

The Dragon Quest franchise is well-known around the world and has been going strong since its first release as a video game in 1986. Starting off as a role-playing game, its popularity has branched out to anime, manga, and novels as well. Dragon Quest is often referred to as the first console RPG and has set the tone for all future RPG games in Japan. All of the characters and monsters in this franchise have been designed by Akira Toriyama and the iconic Slime monster is the official mascot of the series. If you’re interested in owning an adorable Slime to call your own, Square Enix offers that, and more on their website.


A sequel to the video game NieR, NieR:Automata is an action role-playing game that was released in 2017 and again in 2018 for the Xbox One. It is set in a post-apocalyptic universe that is in the middle of a war between machines. The two warring factions are human-made androids and the machines created by otherworldly invaders. The Android forces must fight to drive the Machines away and save Earth. Each android has their own personality that distinguishes them from each other since they lack emotions and true names. If you’d like an android to call your own, Square Enix sells figures of the NieR:Automata androids such as 2B. The online store isn’t limited to just figures though, they carry apparel, accessories, and more.

What to buy from Square Enix?

Square Enix has merchandise for almost every series that has been produced by them so there are many things to choose from.


Square Enix often releases licensed figures that can be purchased directly from their website. These include figures that are poseable and ones that are not. The majority of their poseable figures fall under a series called BRING ARTS, and they come with accessories such as different hands and weapons.


For all the stationery fans, Square Enix has pencil pouches, pencils, letter sets, clear files, and more on their website. These are a must-have for any collector. If you ever wanted to decorate using Kingdom Hearts Washi Tape or tuck away your important documents in a metallic file folder, Square Enix has you covered.

Card Games

For any fans that want to bring their favorite video game from the screen to the table instead, there are trading card games available for some of the franchises, most notably the Final Fantasy TCG and Dragon Quest TCG. If trading card games aren’t your thing, there are regular playing cards available as well so you can play your next poker game in style. There are many card game-related goods for sale including card sleeves to keep your cards safe!


There are many apparel choices on the Square Enix website. From hats, hoodies, t-shirts, and more, what better way to show your love for your favorite franchise than to rock it in a look all day? For those who would rather accessorize with the small things, there is jewelry available such as rings and necklaces, or even watches. And if jewelry is not your thing? Square Enix have you covered with wallets or if you want to make it a functional fashion statement, fanny packs.

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