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How to buy from Surugaya

Suruga-ya is one of the leading online and retail store selling cultural products in Japan. It is the perfect shop for collectors of Japanese CDs, Blu-Rays, books, manga or anime figures. Even though they mainly sell products from Japanese pop culture, this company based in Wakayama, south of Osaka, has five a history dating back to the 15th century.

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How to buy from Japan

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How to buy from Japan

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How to buy from Japan

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How to buy from Japan

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Why buy on Surugaya?

In addition to being a chain of stores that has existed for a very long time, Surugaya has one of the most comprehensive websites to buy Japanese cultural products. Here, you will find many products related to J-Pop, anime, or Japanese cinema. An entire section of the site is dedicated to second-hand items. For this reason, this is the perfect place to find rare Japanese products that you could not find elsewhere. As with many other sites where used products are sold, we advise you to check regularly if there are any new good deals on Suruga-ya. You may hesitate to buy second-hand products from Surugaya because they don't show any pictures of the actual product. They just mention "Used" when the item is not a new product. That's not a problem since Surugaya guarantees the quality of used items sold on its site. Thousands of Japanese consumers buy products on this website every day. So, you should not have any bad surprises when you buy from this famous Japanese online store.

Surugaya International Shipping

Surugaya does not deliver outside of Japan. So if you want to buy products listed on suruga-ya.jp, you will need to use a proxy service like Japan Rabbit. This type of service is very easy to use. You will only have to copy the URLs of the items you want to buy in our application. Then we will buy them and we will send them directly to your address.

Domestic shipping fees with a proxy-buying service

On Surugaya, domestic shipping is free of charge when the order value exceeds 1500 yen. If your order is less than this amount, shipping fees remain affordable: 309 yen for orders below 1000 yen and 257 yen for orders between 1000 and 1500 yen. Keep in mind that if you use a proxy purchase service such as Japan Rabbit these charges will be added to your bill. In addition to these great prices for a Japanese online store, Surugaya's packages are known to be strong and well-protected, which reduces damage risks during delivery to the Japan Rabbit offices. The only weakness of Surugaya is that orders can take a long time to be processed. The company from Wakayama is a victim of its success. Packages sometimes take between one to two weeks to be delivered to Japan. Keep this information in mind when ordering a product on surugaya.jp.

How to order and buy from Surugaya?

Now we will explain how to use Japan Rabbit to get products from suruga-ya.jp. Even if you live in a foreign country.

Step 1: Go to Suruga-ya.jp

The design of the Surugaya website may seem old-fashioned with its blue hypertext links, but it is one of the most visited e-commerce sites in Japan. The main product categories are displayed on the horizontal menu under the store logo. You will also find a more detailed list on the left sidebar. This second menu is soberly titled "メ ニ ュ ー".

Suruga-ya Homepage

You can translate the website into English using the Google Translate Chrome extension. This browser plugin will automatically translate the site into the language of your choice. But this translation will not affect your search queries.

Step 2: Search for items

If you already know what you want to buy, you can search for the product of your choice by using the search bar located to the right of the Surugaya logo. We recommend searching for items by using Japanese words instead of their English translations. You will find more results with Japanese search queries. Alternatively, you can use one of the category menus to select the section you want to browse in.

Suruga-ya Search

In any case, you will arrive on a page listing all the products that meet your criteria. You just have to browse these pages and choose the products that interest you, as if you were on Amazon.

Suruga-ya Product

Step 3: Copy and paste product links on Japan Rabbit

Copy all the links from the pages showing the products you want to buy. To get the URLs, open the item page in a new browser tab or window. Position your mouse cursor on your browser address bar. Select the entire address by pressing Ctrl+A and copy it by pressing Ctrl+C. You can now go to the Japan Rabbit app. Place your mouse on the "product link" field. To paste the link, press the Ctrl and V keys simultaneously. Once done, click on the "Next" button. You will have to repeat this action for each of the products you want to buy. When you have finished adding new products to your cart, you will immediately see your quote. If the price is OK for you, click on the "Checkout" button to make the payment with your PayPal account or your credit card.

Step 4: Consolidation, repacking, and shipping method

We will send you a notification when we will receive your package. From there, you will be able to consolidate multiple packages together, if you already had a parcel on our premises. This can save you money on international shipping costs. We may also repackage your package if we think Surugaya's packaging is not suitable for international shipping. Once you have chosen the fate of your package, we will offer you several international delivery methods. Depending on the method you choose, the package will arrive at your house sooner or later. Once this step is over, you will only have to wait for the postman.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to browse Surugaya in English?

Surugaya is only available in Japanese. The only way to translate the site into another language is to use a translation service. We recommend the Google Translate web browser extension. However, be careful, some translations may be wrong. Moreover, automatic translation does not work with the terms of your searches. In other words, when you search for "Doujin" on Surugaya, Google Translate will not translate that term into "同人".

How to buy from Japan

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