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Fishing equipment is a popular Japanese export. Considering the fine attention to detail and craftsmanship that is embedded in Japanese culture, the fact that their fishing products are popular worldwide is not a surprise.
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How to buy fishing rods, baits, lures, hooks, and more from Japan?

The Japanese are really fond of fishing. Many specialized companies exist in Japan and offer state-of-the-art equipment for all budgets. Japan may therefore seem like paradise for all fishermen, but most Japanese websites are unavailable in the local language. Some only accept payment methods that exist only in Japan or even do not deliver abroad.

This does not make things easy for fishermen who would like to buy equipment in Japan. But thanks to Japan Rabbit, you can buy fishing rods, lures, hooks, or baits in Japan.

Where to buy Japanese fishing equipment?

Some great shops to check out for Japanese fishing equipment are:

  • Caster House: Buy rod parts and baits at Caster House.
  • F-Scrap: You will find the main Japanese and international brands of equipment for fishing on this website.
  • Fishhook: This website offers a wide selection of hooks.
  • Fishing Max: Buy any baits on the website of this famous fishing store chain from Hyogo and Osaka prefectures.
  • Fishing You: Adopt the fashion style of the best Japanese fishermen.
  • Hedgehog Studio: Buy Japanese spools, handles, and reels to build the best fishing rod. Hedgehog Studio also sells phone cases with pictures of your favorite fish!
  • Windyside: A Kobe shop specializing in colored lures.
  • Yellowfish: The perfect place to buy Japanese rods and reels.
  • Aqua Area: Another website where you can buy a variety of fishing items.

Equipment for Tenkara, the Japanese fly-fishing style

Tenkara is a fly fishing style developed in japan two centuries ago. The word "Tenkara" literally means "From Heaven". This method is mainly used for fishing trout. It is appreciated by many freshwater fishermen visiting the rivers and streams of the mountains of Japan.

This technique has only been popularized outside of Japan very recently. For this reason, there are very few non-Japanese resellers of Tenkara-designed products. You will have t browse on Japanese websites if you want the best fishing equipment to apply this technique. Thankfully, Japan Rabbit can help you buy these products in Japan.

  • Nanturum: Be prepared to fish in the wild with camping furniture and state-of-the-art fishing equipment.
  • Pro Shop Katsuki: A perfect shop for tenkara lovers, and other styles of fly fishing. You will find many equipment and clothing to go fishing in the mountains.

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