Japanese online stores: where, why and how to buy from Japan

Our selection of the best Japanese online shops

To start, here is a list of Japanese online shops that we recommend. Of course, you can buy products on all these stores using Japan Rabbit.

Why buy products on Japanese online stores?

Many products are exclusively sold in Japan. This does not only include the video game, anime, and Japanese popular culture industries. For example, fashion brands sometimes offer collections or pieces only available in Japanese stores. This is even true for European and American brands.

In addition, the Japanese second-hand market is exceptional! The Japanese take care of their items so much that used products sold on sites like Mercari or Yahoo Auctions are always in very good condition. So you can find good deals by browsing Japanese online stores.

All these factors make shopping on Japanese sites interesting to foreign buyers. Unfortunately, there are some barriers between non-Japanese consumers and online stores in Japan.

Is Japan a walled garden?

The problem with Japanese sellers is that very few of them decide to offer their products internationally. Most Japanese merchants only focus on their domestic market and make no effort to open up to the rest of the world.

This trend is reflected in various problems that non-residents of Japan may encounter when they want to buy Japanese items:

  • Japanese sites are rarely translated into other languages. It is therefore not really accessible to people who do not master the Japanese language. Moreover, the majority of sellers do not speak any foreign language.
  • Most often, Japanese e-commerce sites only deliver to Japan. No international shipping method is available.
  • Many Japanese sites do not accept foreign payment methods. Do not expect to use your North American or European credit card to pay for your order.
  • Some forms of sales favor people in Japan. This is particularly the case of auctions, limited edition items, and pre-orders where you have to be reactive to get the product.

Use a proxy-buying service to purchase on Japanese stores

We created Japan Rabbit to solve all these problems. Our proxy shopping service is a tool that will allow you to buy on any Japanese site as if you were living in Japan.

Discover how Japan Rabbit works.

How to buy from Japan

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